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Hello Birdie is the only one smart caddie - 100% Mobile app - for golfers of all skills for easier and smarter golf.

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Smart Caddie

Hello Birdie is the first game-planning app for golf. Powered by artificial intelligence, it helps you setup your own strategy to perform better on any of the 40,000 golf courses in the world, based on your golf capabilities. It will also replace your current scorecard and GPS app or even connected device.

Define your Game Plan

You are usually playing with the hope to succeed with very hazardous shots, and you probably regret it right after. You just can't know when a decision is too risky... Thanks to Hello Birdie, you can now prepare your next round like a pro with our game plan feature!

Play relaxed

The Live Caddie will provide you with the right Club Recommendation using the Plays Like Distances based on real time playing conditions. You can now relax and focus on your game.

Track what you did

Hello Birdie tracks all your shots by itself without the need of additional devices. Hence, you won't need to carry anything else. The algorithms then associate your GPS trace with the shot info you filled in to keep only the real shots.


Listen to what Tiger says himself: decide before you take a shot or pay the consequences!

A solution to get a better HCP

Our artificial intelligence algorithms will constantly update your profile, to calculate and compare all possible tactics for you on any hole in the world.








Please enjoy golf responsibly


Be strategist

Define a global objective then a hole by hole tactic (in auto or manual). Hello Birdie suggests the most suitable shots for your level, based on your statistics.

Plays Like Distances

The Caddie calculates all the factors that impact the ball: its trajectory, the wind’s strength and direction, the elevation difference between two shots, the course altitude, the temperature and the atmospheric pressure.

Club Recommendation

The Caddie recommends you the club to use based on the Plays Like Distances and your capabilities (distances, dispersions) for each club.

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Digital or Paper

Find your game plan from your mobile or Apple Watch. You can also print and slip it into your pocket for a game without trouble.

Simplified Tracking

Keep your routine when you play: your GPS track is saved, and you can fill in your scorecard using the Easy Shot Tracker.

Self Learning

Our AI analyzes your game and identifies your shots by combining your GPS data with the scorecard. Your putting and chipping profiles as well as all the club’s performances are gradually updated.

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Our app is only available on Apple iPhone and Apple Watch this far.

Hello Birdie Plans

Our GPS app is FREE, and doesn't require any connected devices

Game preparation
Hole maps included included included
GPS Distances included included included
Elevation between 2 shots (out of competition) included included included
Game Plan: automatic strategy based on your objective 1 golf course included + $7.99 / additional golf course (unlimited rounds) (or £7.99) 40,000+ golf courses in the world included (unlimited rounds)
Game Plan: manual tactical adjustments hole by hole included for each unlocked course included
Personnalized Game Plan creation included for each unlocked course included
Printable personnalized Game Plan included for each unlocked course included
During the game
Wind indication: strenght and direction (out of competition) included included included
Scorecards (with Easy Shot Tracker) included included included
Apple Watch (Game Plan and GPS distances) included included included
Clubs performances (distances, dispersions) based on different profiles: typical, personnalised, real included included included
Chipping and putting (self-learning on the golf course) included included included
Live caddie (Beta): On site Game Plan live adjustment (out of competition) included for each unlocked course included
Club Recommendation (out of competition) included included
Plays Like Distances (out of competition) included included
After the game
Round's stats included included included
Shareable scorecard included included included
Bag management included included included
Price Free Free trial then $7.99/m. or $49.99/y. (£6.99/m. or £44.99/y.) Free trial then $15.99/m. or $99.99/y. (£14.99/m. or £89.99/y.)

Prices may slightly vary depending on the currency of your App Store.


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