Golf with Apple Watch

The golf revolution with Apple Watch: turn your wrist!

The latest evolution of Hello Birdie Golf on the Apple Watch gives players an enhanced experience to master golf courses.
Here’s a closer look at the new features that perfectly complement the game plans customized to your golfing profile. Once you’re on the course, you’ll be able to follow a strategy prepared for your level and make the most of your chances of success.

Play golf with your wrist too! 🤭

Before keeping your eyes on the ball… take a moment to decide for sure what you want to play. With a simple flick of your wrist, you can see all the information you need to take control of the course, including the remaining distance to play.

Let’s dig a bit into it:

Golf with Apple Watch

On “very” top: Hole #; Hole PAR; Distance considering the selected Tee; Hole Handicap ranking.

On top: [Layup] – [Green] toggle, to let you choose between the 2 strategic options.

On the left:
   – GPS distance in the center, with Min and Max distances below and above*,

   – Elevation: the height difference from your position towards the targeted area – Layup or Green – in meters or feet depending on your configuration. The arrow shows the direction: up or down (e.g: going up, 10ft).

On the right: Plays Like distance in the center considering corrections due to weather and slope/elevation, with Min and Max distances below and above*.

In the Middle: Club recommendation.

*The caddie indicates the minimum and maximum distance to reach the targeted area. Either the green – front and back – or the fairway in the case of a layup or a recovery shot, for example. These distances are calculated according to the player’s alignment with the target.

Smart Map

Swipe right to get a 2D map of the hole. This view is spread across the entire screen. It intelligently adapts to your position on the course and the area you’re aiming for. Everything is made to make it easier to get information. As ean exemple, the intensity and direction of the wind are presented according to the upcoming shot. Hence, it’s very useful when playing on a dogleg. The Smart Map of Hello Birdie can be used on any of the 40,000 golf courses around the world!

2D Golf Map on Apple Watch

Tactical options on Apple Watch

Golf game plan on the Apple Watch

Once on the course, the caddie will – as usual – help you follow your game plan. It now offers advice even if you haven’t had time to prepare a game plan. From the smartphone or the Apple Watch, there is now always a game option with either a layup area to aim for or directly the green.

However, we advise you to carefully prepare a game plan to have a strategy perfectly adapted to your level.

Immediate information

Using the watch, all you have to do is to tap either “Layup” or “green” to visually evaluate the different game options available to you.

Layup target

Green target

Live Caddie

Whichever option you choose for the upcoming shot, the Caddie shows you the golf GPS distance as well as the Plays Like distance. As a reminder, Plays Like distances are computed from all playing factors such as course elevation, elevation difference with the target, weather data, the lie on which the ball is resting… The Caddie then recommends the most appropriate club to play.

Golf live caddie on the Apple Watch

Total autonomy with the Apple Watch

First of all, create the game plan on the phone. Then you are ready to go to the tee with just the Apple Watch. You are now completely autonomous from the beginning of the game to the signature of the card. You will also be able to track your shot and consult the scorecard.

Start round

Golf in autonomy with the Apple Watch

Sign scorecard

iPhone and Apple Watch – 100% synchronized

Golf with either iPhone or Apple Watch

At any time, you can consult and interact with your connected watch as well as with your smartphone: the 2 devices are permanently synchronized when they are in proximity.


A 4 to 5 hours golf game with Hello Birdie consumes about 40% of the battery of a recent Apple Watch (less than 2-3 years). This consumption remains reasonable and can even be reduced by using the “Theater” mode which allows to avoid unwanted switching on when moving, as well as to turn off the screen completely by covering it with the hand as soon as the desired information is known.

Free download

You can try the Hello Birdie Golf app and see how it can help you improve your game of golf. Download the app for free from the Apple Store.

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