Smarter Golf Trophy

Go play golf
and try to win many – very nice! – giveaways


You would like to play golf anywhere, with anyone, or even playing alone and at any time? And in addition, you would like to get rewarded for your perseverance in golf:

This competition is open from anywhere in the world! You will be able to appreciate golf during your vacation or even alone if you have decided to spend your time on the golf courses in your neighborhoods to enhance your swing.

It’s completely free: No entrance fee for this competition, and you can play as many times as you want.

This contest is made for you!


How does it work?

You only need to play golf and track your score using Hello Birdie Golf app and digitally sign it at the end of your game. Not only, the app provides you with this feature for free, but you can also get the satellites maps, GPS distances, as well as your game statistics. It is worth a try!

Each signed scorecard by the end of september (until Friday 30th September) is considered and provides an additional chance to win in the draw.

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>> Discover the rules of the game


What can you win?

This is a friendly competition, your HCP won’t be impacted, but we have approximatively 10,000 USD – 8,000 GBP of giveaways for you. Some of them will make you want to play even more golf!
For example:

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Hint: double your chances to win!

Hello Birdie Golf app also provides an additional service: the virtual smart caddie, to help you perform better by providing you a bespoke strategy.
During this competition, each signed card with the virtual caddie will count as 2x in the draw!

A free trial (cancel anytime) is available in order to discover this service. It’s time to try it to maximize your chances to win the draw!

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Quick links:

>> Giveaways and partners
>> List of winners
>> Rules of the game
>> The virtual caddie
>> Download Hello Birdie



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