Rules of the Game

In order to enter in the draw, participants must follow these conditions:

Play between July 10th and September 22nd, 2019
Use an iPhone to download and use Hello Birdie Golf mobile app
Play at least 9 holes on a golf course in the same day
Have created a new round in the mobile app (tab “New round”)
Have effectively used the mobile app on a golf course after clicking on “Start round” at the beginning of the round, so that the GPS tracks your game. (Internet access is needed for this action)
Have marked your scorecard (during the course or at the end),
Have digitally signed the scorecard from the mobile app Hello Birdie Golf at the end of the round (Internet access is needed for this action)


Only 1 round per day is considered (no need to play 2x a 9 holes round…)


How we count the signed scorecards for the draw:

1 signed scorecard = 1 chance of winning
1 signed card while using the virtual caddie = 2 chances of winning

(As a reminder, a free trial is available to test the virtual caddie)


The draw will be taken the week of September 30th, 2019.


The full Rules of the game are written in French and are stored at the following bailiff: Etude de Maitre Bédry, 1700 route de Tarbes, BP 63, 31470 Fonsorbes. SCP Benoit Bédry. Siret 330 872 524 00039, and is also available here




Why the competition is only for iPhone users?

We would have loved to open the competition to everyone but unfortunately, despite all our efforts, the android app is not yet ready.


Is this competition free?

There is no fee to enter the competition, downloading and using Hello Birdie Golf mobile app to track your shots + scorecard is free. You only need to charge your iPhone battery and to play in your preferred golf course. Don’t forget to pay the green fee if required!


Is there any leaderboard to follow the evolution of the participations?

All winners will be determined through the draw and not based on any performance on the golf course. Hence, we won’t publish any leaderboard. Have fun playing golf, and the more you play the more have chances to win.


Can I play several 9 (or 18…) holes on a single day?

Of course, you can play as many rounds as you want but we will limit the count to 1 per day. And you would need at least 9 holes on your scorecard.


How does Hello Birdie certify that all participants have effectively played their rounds?

Beyond the rules of Etiquette that are followed by every golfer, each played round with Hello Birdie Golf mobile app tracks the GPS route (even while not connected). This GPS route is then transmitted at the time you sign your scorecard (Internet access is needed for this action). This will allow us to determine that every participant has effectively played at least 9 holes in the same day.


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