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Choosing the right golf GPS app will help you save 5 shots!

Player with golf gps app on the course

Ilya Goroneskoul looking at his golf GPS app made by Hello Birdie (Isabella golf course)

Don’t count only on your karma…

When it comes to enhancing your golf game, you will very quickly get to a point where practicing your golf or making your swing evolve is taking much more time and effort than simply taking the right decision on the golf course. You shouldn’t count only on your karma to make that right decision on the golf course, for each single shot. Ideally, you would need a golf caddie like the pro do.

Finding the best golf course GPS app is a first step to play better. This could be designed either for iPhone or android to fit your needs.

Expect more from your golf GPS app!

The best golf course GPS app is not only the one that provides the accurate distance from you to the hole, or the golf distance you have just hit. Firstly, the reason is that every golf app is providing such info! Secondly, you could also partially get this information by simply looking around you on the golf course itself. Your iPhone or Android app for golf course GPS should provide you with additional information to help you make a wiser decision on the golf course. The ultimate would be to get the golf app to tell you what to play next. This in order to maximize your chance to get a good overall score, as a golf caddie would do.

At minimum, you should expect from your app to let you know what club to play next. Also, getting the remaining distance after hitting the ball is a real plus so you can anticipate the following shot. If the imagination of this second shot doesn’t suit you, then you should probably need to challenge your app.  Make sure it really helps you go in the right direction!

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Going further with the best GPS watch for men and women

Getting an app is good, but it’s not enough to find the best GPS app if its usage is taking you out of your golf routine. That would be dramatic as it could make you miss your next shot. Hence, the ultimate experience is to also get advantage of the best GPS watch. Should you get new equipment? (such a Garmin); Or should you simply use for free your golf app on your watch?

Does Apple Watch do golf GPS?

You have an iPhone with its Apple Watch? An Apple Watch golf course GPS solution is probably the right option for you (or golf GPS iwatch app). Hence, no need to change your equipment to get the best GPS watch with maps: just continue using your equipment to get the best golf GPS for Apple Watch as you would do for any other sport. Obviously, if you are on Android, you would need to make sure you get a watch that is both compatible with your phone and your app.

Any doubt? Try out the advanced features of Hello Birdie.
Golf GPS Watch

Hello Birdie Golf GPS Watch App

What do I get in the free golf GPS app Hello Birdie?

Golf game plan showing what club to play with distances and odds of success

The very nice first aspect of this mobile golf app is that you can install it for free. Then, you can immediately get advantage of its many golf GPS features that you would probably have to pay elsewhere. As an example, you can prepare your next round on any of the golf courses worldwide. Then, once you are on the golf course, you can tap on the screen at any point. It will display both the GPS distance from your GPS position towards where you tapped on the screen and also the remaining GPS distance from that targeted point until the center of the green. Hence in a glance, your GPS app will provide you with more information than a golf rangefinder would do. This makes it the best golf GPS iPhone app free of use.

Moreover, at the end of each hole, you can easily input your scorecard with a specific keyboard. That tool will help you enter all the different clubs you have used. Be aware that there are ways to get better golf GPS tracking of your round.

Once you have signed your scorecard, you then get immediate feedback on how you played with many stats based on which club you played and your GPS position.

Go further with Premium!

Hello Birdie golf GPS app is learning, round after round, how you play and what are the distance, dispersion and frequency for each of your clubs. All those data are very useful to feed the smart caddie from Hello Birdie.
Good news: Hello Birdie also works on Apple Watch (GPS apps for Apple Watch 2 to series 6) and is also said to be the best Apple Watch app for golf GPS. So, if you were wondering what is the best free app for golf GPS, you should now have a quite good point of view on this!

How to choose?

If you still have a doubt on which one is the best GPS app for you, the best would be to try it by yourself directly on a golf course.
You can install for free and use Hello Birdie on 40,000 golf courses around the world. Hence, don’t hesitate to download it right now so it’s ready for your next golf round.

Give it a try!