Improve Golf with a Game Plan

No matter how good of a golfer we are, we will always want to get better. Many spend time practicing to get better on each sector of the game. It is time consuming and a bit frustrating at the end of the day when we don’t see any evolution on the scorecard. On the other hand, some golfers only play on the golf course without training. Who is right? Probably only those who take pleasure in what they are doing 😄. Let’s see now how you could take advantage of a game plan to improve golf 🏌🏻.

Why prepare a Golf Game Plan?

But whatever the energy we put in practicing, comes one question:

  • Are we playing at our real level when being on the course?
  • Last time we came back with a great scorecard…was it only about luck?
  • What is the level we should reasonably aim at?

Potentially, our lack of consistency is only the fact that we don’t know how to manage our round of golf. We don’t know when to be aggressive or defensive. Are we simply trying to play at our level – and how to know it?
If you are self asking those questions, it’s probably time to think about preparing your round of golf with a Game Plan: dedicated to your strengths, putting aside your weaknesses.

Know your golf distances

In golf, where precision is of utmost importance, knowing the distance and the dispersion of each of your clubs is a key element as a golfer.
On a practice range, you could get advantage of a golf session with your Pro and a Trackman tool in order to get a very precise idea of your current golf. You may need to repeat this kind of session several times a year to know the influence of the weather conditions on your golf game and also the impact of your evolution over time. In a good way hopefully!
Also, keep in mind that a club distance has only a meaning in specific conditions, such as weather, altitude…

Save time and money

As you can see, it could be time consuming, and costly to map out your golf profile and to get a good understanding of it over time.
There are ways to make it much faster at absolutely no cost. As an exemple, download for free the Hello Birdie GPS app. You will get in less than a minute a very good understanding of your potential, club by club, based on some questions.

How to prepare a golf game plan

Preparing a game plan to improve your golf when you have never done any can be very time consuming. Also, if you discover a new golf course, you might be focusing on warming up to make sure you game is OK instead of spending your time on a Yardage book.
This article will tell you more about preparing a golf game plan that is bespoke to your golfing profile.

Get a golf caddie to Improve golf with game plan and save time and energy!

Depending on where you live, paying someone for 4 hours might not be cheap or the service nonexistent. Hence, you could really get advantage of an app doing everything for you at a fraction of the cost.
Hello Birdie is a golf gps app designed to bring a smart caddie directly in your pocket or at your wrist (for Apple Watch owners). Once you have created your profile, the app will then automatically prepare a bespoke game plan. It is obviously based on the global score objective that you would like to achieve on a particular golf course. It works on every of the 40,000 golf courses worldwide.