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Hello Birdie

The smartest caddie in the world

A deviceless A.I.-powered Smart Caddie

Amateur golfers tend to improvise shots that are too risky, and regret playing them right after. On their side, professionals carefully prepare their game plan before each competition with their caddie.

Hello Birdie brings a Smart Caddie to amateur golfers so they can prepare their golf round like a pro. Our AI-based algorithm calculates the best strategy in order to provide a complete game plan specific to the player profile, which self-adjusts at each round.

The app is ideal for most players (from HCP 0 to 28) who want to progress, and presents the best tactical options and club sequences on each hole in order to consolidate an individualized game plan in order to let the golfer play at its proper level.

On the golf course, the Live Caddie provides Club Recommendations based on the playing conditions and the golfer’s capabilities. The Caddie provides the Plays Like Distances based on every element that impacts the ball.

Thanks to that, the amateurs can play more realistically and with full confidence. At the end, this brings a more pleasant game, with less balls lost and a final scorecard that reveals the true potential of the golfer!



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Hello Birdie is a start-up founded by passionate golfers with the mission to provide each golfer with the tools to play better using their current capabilities.
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