Smart Caddie to improve your golf!

What is Hello Birdie Smart caddie?

Hello Birdie is a smart caddie golf app you can download for free for iOS (available soon for Android). This app will help you play better thanks to a new approach of golf. It provides you with a strategy dedicated to your level thanks to a companion on and off the golf course.

How does the Smart Caddie work?

Course game plan from the Smart Caddie
Golf with A.I.

First of all, powered by Artificial Intelligence, Hello Birdie will help you choose the right club thanks to powerful algorithms. This Smart Caddie will analyse thousands of shots before selecting the most appropriate one according to your willingness to play more aggressively or more conservatively. Nonetheless, Hello Birdie is also a free golf GPS app which helps you clearly identify the golf course thanks to high definition satellite maps supplied by Apple. It works on all 40,000 golf courses. You won’t get anymore into hazards!

How will this golf GPS app help you progress?

Saving shots on the golf course
Save 5 strokes!

Secondly, thanks to Hello Birdie, you will start your golfing day with a solid strategy. It will be adapted to both your level of play and your degree of aggressiveness or cautiousness whatever the golf course you want to play. If you thwart (it happens!), Hello Birdie will adapt its strategy! It will pick the right decision between recommending a recovery or an alternative shot, in order to help you regain confidence and bring you back on track as close as possible to your initial strategy. Thanks to Hello Birdie’s advices, you will save around 5 strokes per round of golf. This is made possible because the smart caddie gets to know you even better round after round.

Professional caddie versus Hello Birdie Smart Caddie.

Any difference?

Apart from removing the flag and wiping your golf clubs, there is no difference between Bubba Watson’s caddie and the Smart Caddie offered by Hello Birdie. Both will help you play smarter based on the fact that they know you better than you think. Indeed, with the Smart Caddie, each shot is tracked, saved and analyzed by your mobile app. This is then being used to feed your golfing profile to adjust the next shot recommendation. The more you play, the more Hello Birdie will be precise! Be aware that there are ways to get better golf GPS tracking of your round.

Eldrick - smart caddie advices

In conclusion, if you want to progress the way you approach a golfing day, or your approach to the golf game in regards to strategy or simply to lower your HCP without the need of changing your golf swing, Hello Birdie with its Smart Caddie is the free golf GPS app and golf caddie you need to try!

Hence, don’t hesitate to download it right now so it’s ready for your next round of golf.

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