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Looking for a golf GPS app for Private and Public golf courses?

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Golf anywhere.

Golf is a worldwide sport. That is to say that the majority of countries on Earth have at least one public golf course. From Orlando public golf courses to Dubai one via London, you can play with Hello Birdie golf GPS app. The app. will help you get the best golf strategy.

Golf courses where can you use Hello Birdie

Hello Birdie is a smart caddie app. you can download for free on iOS – and soon for Android. It helps you establish a personal strategy according to many factors. First of all, your golfing profile and your willingness to play aggressively (or not). Secondly, it is based on the course layout with its altitude, the difference of elevation between each shot and the weather. Hello Birdie Smart caddie can be used on each one of the 40,000 golf courses around the world!

Get always prepared.

On any course in the world Hello Birdie is ready to prepare your personalized game plan. Just before tee-off, the display of a personalized strategy will be very helpful!

Game plan prepared for a golf course round

Why should Hello Birdie be your golf partner on any golf course?

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First of all, you will appreciate any golf course in the world thanks to a clear visualisation of the GPS distances. As an exemple, you will easily find the yardage, the distances and obstacles thanks to the satellite map and a lot of other tools, as the scorecard, to help you succeed!

Secondly, you will play golf according to your personal golf strategy which depends on the golf course you booked. If you were a 30 HCP player on the highest golf course in India, the strategy and the club recommendation made by the Smart Caddie would be very different than if you were a 12 HCP player on a golf course in the Wyoming.

No matter the country, the region, the layout of the course or even its weather, Hello Birdie is with you! As one of the best golf course GPS app, it is always ready to accompany you to have fun and an easier experience on any of the 40,000 golf courses around the world.