How to interpret the feasibility index?

You may have noticed in Hello Birdie or on the articles published by our team the mention “Feasibility Index”. But what is it?


Understanding the feasibility index

As its name indicates, this index relates an index of goal achievement. The more affordable the goal, the more the percentage will tend towards 100%. Conversely, if you set a game plan that is too complicated for your level, the feasibility index will tend to be low. This can be due to a choice of tees that are too far away, a game goal that is too ambitious, capricious weather…


💡 Eldrick’s little advice: If your starting tees are imposed (for a competition for example), then you can adjust the game plan proposed by the Smart caddie to please yourself on the day, otherwise, don’t hesitate to reconsider the starting tees… or your overall goal 🤭



The parameters taken into account in the calculation of the feasibility index


This index takes into account many parameters that impact the final score. They are related to the course layout, its altitude, its Slope/SSS, the weather of the day, the starting tees… Finally, all the information we know about you, game after game, allows us to establish a dedicated game plan (bag composition, previous performances…)


Some examples:


Here, the index is 50%. This is unfortunately too low… To follow this game plan linked to this objective, the player risks to be in “over-schedule” on the course, probably pushing him to force some shots. The game plan is not adapted to the situation! 🙅


Now, the player seems to have chosen a game plan that is a bit too conservative for his abilities. Indeed, a 95% feasibility index is very high. The course therefore allows him to attack considering his abilities, the last recorded games… The player might get a little bored on the course! 🤟



In this last example, the player has decided to opt for a goal with a feasibility index of 85%. This is the right choice! The Smart Caddie will allow him to play the right shots adapted to his level while performing well. ✅


💡Eldrick’s little advice: choose a feasibility index between 75% and 85%, you will then perform without putting yourself in too much danger. 😎

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