What strategy should you adopt to pluck The Albatros?

Performing on the National Golf is the goal of all European and even world players! The Albatros course is one of the most dreaded courses in the world of golf because of its unreadable greens, fearsome water hazards and impassable rough. On sunny days, the course can quickly turn into an ordeal if you are not prepared for it.

In anticipation of the high season, Hello Birdie gives you some keys for game improvement so you can plan to pluck The Albatros 😉


Leave your woods at home!  

First, the composition of your bag may be shaken up. Indeed, Hello Birdie advises you to bring 3 wedges to compensate for the perfectly defended greens of the course.

From then on, a place must be liberated in your bag. As the iron set is essential, the question comes up on the woods. Being a rather narrow course, the use on the course of fairway woods to the detriment of an iron is therefore a bad idea. Indeed, there is more risk of dispersion with woods than with irons and on a narrow course like The Albatros this will penalize you.

The advice is simple, start with a 4 or 5 wood and leave the 3 wood warm at home. It will be less useful than a third wedge on this course. 👍

Get set… to be ready for game improvement!

Secondly, once there (1 hour before), it’s time for you to tackle a key performance point: warm-up. Go hit a few balls at the driving range to start warming up and focus on open clubs. They will be the backbone of your game today. Then you can go down with clubs but don’t stay too long at the driving range either. Reserve 20 minutes, that’s enough. The rest of the hour should be devoted to the short game and putting, which will be the zone of truth!

This will be a real game improvement sector 💪

Alternating the rolled and lobbed shots by varying the distance of flight and fall of the ball to see how the greens react. Once you’ve managed to properly balance the two types of approaches, move on to putting by varying the distance and especially the slopes. Get as much information as possible about the speed and responsiveness of the greens.

Then, all you have to do is remember this information until the next green. ⛳️

Golf player being on the green for an easy putt after following his game plan - game improvement directly visible on the result

How you should play the 1st hole?

Here, we took as an example a 20 index player playing for the first time on The Albatros, the french most well-known golf course in the world!

On this hole, par is very complicated to get to because of the many traps you can fall into. Between the water, the off-limit, the dense rough, the bunkers around the green, the fault can happen quickly. Moreover, these are your first shots on the course, so you have to secure the bogey! Let’s see on the Smart Caddie how you should play this hole.

With this in mind, the 5 iron tee-off is the right solution to ensure a second shot for an easier placement. This leaves you with an 8-iron to place on the reinforcement before the green, about 100 meters away.

Finally, your training session will pay off and allow you to get on the green and putt for par. You have just secured your bogey. Moreover, you are giving yourself the opportunity to make par on one of the most complicated holes of the day.

Game improvement using a golf game plan with a gps app

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