What golf strategy to adopt at Pebble beach?

What golf strategy to adopt at Pebble beach?

Last week, one of the most important events in the world of golf took place: the Pro&AM of Pebble Beach. As a tribute to the most mythical tournament between professionals and amateurs, your golf application Hello Birdie highlights the different golf strategies between you and the pros on the 18th hole. We have been able to identify major strategic wills in the majority of professional players and we will see which one is most suitable to a 20 index player.


The aggressive golf strategy:

Here, an aggressive game can be useful for very good Tour hitters like Tony Finau, Rory Mcilroy or Dustin Johnson. The tree must be overtaken to allow an easier second shot and to be able to attack the green after. Thus, the driver is therefore the right club for the aggressive play of the professionals. He must still be sure to make his ball fly more than 284 yards on the carry.

Once this obstacle has been passed, while ensuring a margin in relation to the water along the hole, the player can focus on his eagle or birdie given by choosing a 4 iron shot. The shot is very tricky because of the sea bordering the fairway on the left and the presence of bunkers on the right of the hole.

However, if the player manages to put the ball on the green at this distance, he will get a birdie or even an eagle! For a professional player who has a very good length, this strategy can pay off with a 64% chance of making a birdie. However, if only one of the 2 shots missed and the hole can quickly turn into an ordeal.

birdie golf strategy on the pro game plan


The conservative golf strategy :

The other choice which seems to be strategically more interesting is to play this par 5 in regulation. You can reach the green in 3 shots, secure the par and trying to putt the birdie. Just like Gary Woodland (winner in 2019), the 3-iron strategy seems to be the least risky! Indeed, according to the graph below, this strategy ensures him a 59% birdie, or a 40% par. He is almost sure not to lose any shots by playing 3 shots of irons. Then the chances of avoiding all obstacles like water, tree, bunker and thick rough are increased.

Let’s take the example of the 2019 champion. Right from the start, he opted for a 205 yards 4 iron shot, placing himself on the right, well before the central tree. From then on, he chooses a 5 iron. He passed over the obstacle and coming to a good distance from the green, thus leaving himself a wedge shot. Finally, attacking the green is much easier with a 56° iron than it could be with a 4 iron. This seems to be the best solution to play this complicated hole.

birdie golf strategy on the pro game plan



The ideal golf strategy for a 20 index player:

Based on the two strategies seen above, it is preferable to adopt a conservative rather than an aggressive strategy. Like Gary Woodland, playing this hole without the driver seems to be the right solution. According to his strategy, you will avoid bunkers, the water obstacle on the left or a ball near the tree.

Thus, a 4 wood stroke would be interesting. A length almost equivalent to a 3 wood by bringing the control of a 5 wood. Then, to get a reasonable distance from the green, a second shot of wood 4 will do the trick.

Finally, with a flag extremely well defended, it is difficult to attack the mast. A third shot of 9 iron aiming at the middle of the green will allow you to secure the bogey, or even the par, leaving you two putts to finish this hole 18 mythical of Pebble Beach.


Thanks to this strategy, you can see that there is a high percentage of success in reaching the bogey with an 85% chance, and even about a 1 in 3 chance of hitting par on one of the most complicated holes on the American circuit. Moreover, because of the 4 wood start and the safe shots, the player strongly minimizes the risk of double bogey or worst which is only 15%!

bogey golf strategy personalized for 20 HCP

Playing around this strategy will allow players to save a lot of points on courses that are unforgiving of mistakes!

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