What are Strokes Gained?

What are Strokes Gained for?

The concept of Strokes Gained was introduced by PhD Marc Broadie in order to assess a performance per shot for professional players
When the number is positive, you “gain” strokes: it’s good 💪🏼
When it’s negative you “loose” strokes 🤭

How to transpose this if I am a golf amateur?

For Hello Birdie purposes – amateur world – we present the Strokes Gained in comparison to the players with the same level/HCP of yours.  As a consequence, it is very relevant whatever your level.

Where do I get my Strokes Gained?

  • If you are already using Hello Birdie golf GPS app, every shot from a signed round is aggregated with those of your previous rounds. All your stats are computed and your data are displayed in each area of your game. You can find all your stats and golfing data on your web dashboard.

How should I interpret all the data from my dashboard?

In case you feel a bit lost among all that data, no worries! We have prepared for you an article on how to analyze your dashboard.

More literature about this

In case you are interested to know more about this concept, here is a short video from Marc Broadie