How to analyze your Dashboard?

With the release of the Dashboard, Hello Birdie’s Smart Caddie becomes even more complete! Now, in addition to helping him develop a suitable strategy and following him on the course by adjusting his game plan in real time, Hello Birdie now offers a complete tool to understand his own game. 📊💪


We will see through the profile of a “bogey player” (16 of HCP) how to analyze the Dashboard. 🔎


The Long Game

Let’s start at the beginning! As you can see below, the driver seems to be a tricky point for our player. The average distance of a driver shot is 187,7m but his dispersion rate is “very high”. That is to say that he struggles to regulate his tee shots, often putting himself in danger. He does not manage to secure an optimal second shot position as the heat map of his shots proves.


Golf plan


Finally, for the Strokes Gained specific to tee shots, the score is without appeal! He loses 3 strokes compared to his level by having balls too far right or too far left.




💡Eldrick’s advice: Try to secure your tee shots with a fairway wood and use the driver on long open holes.


Placement shots

The value reflects your performance on the full shots, therefore a distance higher than the one made by your smallest club (SW or LW for example). It takes into account the ground from which you played the ball, as well as the lie from which you arrived to judge the quality of your shot. Your Strokes Gained “Approach to Green” excludes the re-centering shots needed to get back into position after a bad tee-shot, as this is naturally built into the Strokes Gained “Off the tee”.


Golf plan


Here, we have taken into account the 6 iron of our player. The majority of the balls are good but there is a slight tendency to miss to the right. This means that for a green attack, the chances of success are not optimal. Nevertheless, compared to the average level of our player and the strategy he has put in place, he still manages to win 2 shots on this sector of the game.


Golf plan


💡Eldrick’s advice : Even if the Strokes Gained in this sector seems correct, you must make your shots more homogeneous. Work at the driving range on the exit of the ball and the precision of your shots. You will only get better!


The Approaches 

Here, one of the key areas of golf. The Dashboard allows us to really see the skills of our player thanks to a dedicated graph. Here, all iron shots between 85 meters and 25 meters are represented. From this point on, we can see that one distance in particular stands out from the others: the one between 45 and 65 meters. 67% of the shots in our profile end within 1 meter of the hole! And the third third is not to be discarded since it is less than 2 meters. Unfortunately, for the other distances, there is a little more waste since the balls are less regular, even off the green. However, if we compare this to the average values of other players of the same handicap, it shows us that our player is performing well around the greens with nearly 4 strokes won per game!

💡Eldrick’s advice: The short game can be a powerful weapon in your hands. Work more on the longer distances and the edges of the green but overall you need to persevere to even out your accuracy at different distances and become a short game ace!



Finally, just like the approaches, our player seems to perform much better than the average at putting. 100% of his putts from less than 1 meter end up in the hole, as do 91% from less than 2 meters. He is very good around the greens but also at putting, hence a Stroke Gained of 4.0! He gains 4 strokes per round on putting compared to other players with the same HCP.

In addition, he makes very few 3 putts from 10 meters and more. He is a consistent player on the green.



💡Eldrick’s advice: Keep it up! Putting seems to be a mastered point in your game. It earns you a lot of points. You have to keep practicing to keep this level of performance!


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