The only data-driven yardage book to help you play smarter !

The smart yardage book

No one wants to play with a phone on a golf course, so we invented a printable yardage book, powered by Articial Intelligence that calculates your strategic options on any course in the world, based on your data.

Plan what you play

Amateur golfers are usually playing with the hope to succeed with very hazardous shots, and too often regret it right after. They just can't know when a decision is too risky... Prepare your next round like a pro with our gameplan feature !

Do what you plan

Playing with an on-course strategy based on your probabilities will make you much more confident on the tee, and will diminish the risk of mishitting.

Track what you did

Track your shots easily without electronic device. No need for expensive and routine-breaking sensors. We automatically track your shots from your GPS trace and the list of shots, which takes less than 10 sec per hole after you leave the green. Or a little more if you tripled it ;).

Play like a pro !

Listen to Tiger say it himself, decide before you take the shot or pay the consequences !

Choose the right shot sequence,
among millions of possibilities

Our artificial intelligence algorithms will constantly update your profile, to calculate and compare all possible tactics for you on any hole in the world.

40000 +

Golf courses you can play

2000 +

Average possible tactics per hole

10000000 +

Golf shots simulated per round


Use our artificial intelligence to help you build a personalized strategy for each round of golf, based on your capabilities, on any course in the world !

Enter a whole new experience/

Golf apps were just reinvented ! Actually, three times reinvented : no tracking devices, an A.I.-powered virtual caddie, and a printable yardage book.

Setup the right goal/

Are you a bogey player or a scratch golfer ? Will you play on a simple golf course or a very challenging one ? We will take you there.

Find out the best tactics/

Want to secure a bogey with no risks to take a double-bogey ? Or want to play a bogey that leasves you a great chance of Par ? Let us help you with that !

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/Live GPS distances

Our Live GPS feature is so simple, and powerful, that it will definitely replace your rangefinder or your actual mobile app. Wait ! Did we tell you that its totally FREE ???

/Easily track your shots

Simply activate the GPS during the round, then either report your shots from your printed scorecard in less than 3 minutes or do it after each green in less than 10 seconds...

/Print a personalized yardage book

Yes, you can ! We have all golf courses in the world, and you can print it out on a professional-looking yardage book, with your strategy on top of it. Isn't golf more beautiful ?

Get the app

Our app is only available on Apple iPhone this far.

Hello Birdie for

Hello Birdie for
Coming soon...

Our GPS app is FREE
and does not need any electronic devices

Hello Birdie is a great and FREE GPS and scorecard app, for the first year. We just require in-app purchases for our game planning features, which are also free on your home course if you have a valid license.

To explore other golf in the best conditions, either PAY AS YOU GO or purchase a renewable SUBSCRIPTION to access all golf courses in the world.

GPS & Scorecard
Golf GPS with live weather Yes Yes
Easy Shot-tracker Yes Yes
Printable Course Book Scorecard & Gameplan Personalized Yardage Book
Statistics Simple Advanced
Performance management
Typical profile Yes Yes
Self-learning profile Yes Yes
Custom profile Yes Yes
Game Planning
on your home course Free Yes
on any other course Pay per round  or buy the course (for unlimited rounds) unlimited on any of the 40.000 courses included
Launch offer until July 31st, 2018 6-months FREE trial on the yearly plan (49.99€) 1-month FREE trial on the yearly plan (99.99€)

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